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Anand Thakur, Chemical Engineer living in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), India. I have completed my Post-Graduation (M.Tech) Degree in Chemical engineering From Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) Kharagpur.

Currently I am working in Intas Pharmaceutical.

I have worked in CSIR- CMERI lab as a Research Fellow for one Year , having publication in  Scientific Journal (RSC Ananlysist)

Title :  A paper based microfluidic device for the detection of uric acid by the means of positively charged gold nano particles.

Publication date : Jan 21, 2015  

publication description : RSC Analyst

Link : http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2015/AN/c4an02333a#!divAbstract

Also We Filed A  Patent

Title :  A method to fabricate polymeric micro/nano particles encapsulated with external species

Parallely I am also interested in Blogging, Teaching, learning Computers languages.

I always enjoy Doing My Work and Always Ready to help any time.

You Can Contact me anytime, I will back to you as soon as Possible.

Here, On this platform,  we are trying to cover all your engineering fundamentals concepts in a very  concise and smart way.

Our mission is to create an online destination for the engineering community, where working professionals / Academic Students can quickly find concise and reliable information to meet the majority of their daily reference needs.

Here, We try to provide you

  1. Engineering Fundamental Concepts
  2. Academic PPT
  3. Project Concepts and Ideas
  4. Seminar Topics
  5. Interview Tips and Campus Interview Guide
  6. Tutorials
  7. GATE and Other Exam

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